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Sales ERP Software is the Best ERP Software with POS App

Sales ERP is a smart ERP solution to manage your business. Sales ERP software not only helps you to manage your business but also keeps track of your inventory and human resources. It has a full account management system also. To limit your small & big business, outlet or company Sales ERP is the right choice. Adsolutions provides you the best ERP software for small businesses. It can be integrated with an external Android POS App.

Benefits Of Sales ERP Software

There are a lot of interesting features that will boost your business up. We are the best ERP
software company. Those features are going to make your work so easy and give you
ultimate control over your business. Maintain your small or local business by using

Inventory Monitoring

It has a fully-integrated Inventory Management system. Fully illustrated stock information, purchase information, sale information. You will also get a notification before running out any product.

Make Better Decision

Get a complete Graphical view of your business—from Accounts, Sale, Purchase, Inventory and Customer Service with reliable reports. You can make a better decision about the future of your business.

Remote Access

You can control your business from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. To get remote access you can use our android app or you can directly access your sales ERP software from a browser.

Comfortable Sales System

Sales ERP software has a fully automatic Sales system. There is a POS system for sale. There is also an excellent sales system called GUI POS, which can make the sale faster.

Online and offline Service

Sales ERP software is an online and offline ERP system. The offline version has the same features as online. All of your data will be stored on your localhost.

Bulk Data insert

Inserting huge amounts of data such as product info is very time-consuming. To save your time Sales ERP has a CSV(excel) file upload option.

Spectacular Dashboard

You will get a full overview of your business in the dashboard of Sales ERP system software. Not only listed views but also graphical view reports of our sales and inventory. Our sales ERP software dashboard is very fantastic and user-friendly.

Android POS App Integration

Sales ERP software can run by the android pos app also. Several users can use the software simultaneously by the android app. All data will be saved in the main database of Sales ERP.

Data backup

Sales ERP has a smart Data Backup system, which can allow you to export the database at any time.

Sales ERP Software Modules

To manage your business sales and marketing modules in the ERP system. ERP automates
software to help to the sales and distribution activities with clients, follow-ups and opponent
assessment, etc. Some of the sales ERP modules are described here.

Dynamic Dashboard:

The dashboard is a significant piece of any product. To bring all the vital data about your business at the tip of your finger, we make a remarkable dashboard. You can know about the number of products, customers, suppliers, and sales. The dashboard will show you product info for every most selling product by a histogram. To compare the sale and purchase there is a line chart. Which can give you a total graphical view about the sale and purchase ratio monthly ?

Product Management:

Product is one of the most important elements for a company. So it needs a dynamic managing system. ERP software solution to manage product Sales by a powerful module. You can add as many categories and units as many as you want. We make the product adding as simple as possible. You have to go Add product option and give some necessary information about your product and click submit.

Accounts Management

Whole inflow & outflow of money is managed by the accounts module.
The Accounts module of Sales ERP software can keep track of all
accounts-related transactions like account,

Role Permission

Security is a very important issue for a business. To ensure your security Sales ERP has a magnificent Role Permission module. You can limit access of your system for a particular user. Suppose you don’t want to share your accounts or HRM information with your salesman. So you can select some modules he needs for him. After that, the salesman login will only see the selected module. You can make more than one role for use.